The Lifeline program in Illinois helps low-income individuals and households obtain local telephone service through a partial subsidy of monthly local phone bills. UTAC also provides a partial subsidy towards the cost of installing a new phone for wireline subscribers.


In 2007, there were 53,400 individuals or families who received new telephone hook-ups through this program.


Statistics on phonelessness in Illinois have shown that families with young children are less likely than others to have phones at home because they can't afford it.


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Universal Telephone Assistance Corporation (“UTAC”) is a not-for-profit corporation of which all Illinois local telephone companies are members. The principal purpose of UTAC is to oversee the Universal Telephone Service Assistance Program (“UTSAP”) in Illinois, which provides the Link-Up and Lifeline programs.


The UTAC Board is composed of nine directors, selected by the membership of UTAC. Five of the directors of UTAC represent telephone companies, two represent consumer interests, and two represent low-income customers.